Day 36

My despair is behind me for now. Feelings like that are so irrational: two people can look at the same situation, one with great sorrow, the other with great joy. So quite often "pull yourself together" is the perfect advice.

I cleaned my flat, left some milk outside for Harry in case he pitches up, went food shopping, and visited Elsbeth at the charity shop. She was busy as ever, a ray of sunshine, full of the joy of life - such a contrast to my last few days.

We arranged to go on a bus day trip tomorrow since its her day off. Royal Tunbridge Wells. Apparently it has a famous Spa that the royals of old frequented. Not my thing, but it'll make a nice change from my otherwise boring norm.

I got a letter from the Council today - they at last have a place for me to stay. Its just up the road. I move in 2 weeks time. Such a weight off my shoulders. I read in the news today of some poor chap sleeping rough who was beaten up and set on fire while he slept. Who said humans are the pinnacle of evolution?

How can the same gene pool produce such scumbags as well as people like Joe and Elsbeth?