Day 3

Well what do you know? It was actually sunny today in good old England. Having shopped yesterday and collected my benefit money along with the rest of the Great Unwashed, I had nothing that needed doing (apart from the dishes but those will keep), so I went for a walk along the canal.

Its not much of a canal and the water is filthy, but it has "character". Mysterious house boats line the banks, some deserted, some containing families or lone farts such as I. I'd love to have a boat. I'd spend all my days navigating the various canals around the South East. Perhaps I'll win the lottery this week.

I sat in the park again and watched the yummy mummies with their children. Surprised I still have any stirrings at my age. The kids were very cute, apart from that little brat called Bradley who has his hapless teenage mother wrapped around his nasty little finger. I wonder where the dad is. Probably holed up on some pub, or fishing along the canal.

She was there again today, feeding the pigeons and reading what looked like Silas Marner. I love that book; reminds me of myself when the girls visit. I wonder who she is. Of course I haven't got the courage to say hello. She looks too good for me anyhow.

I managed a good few miles today. Thankfully the old knee is holding up ok. Felt so good that I even decided to cook something. Spag Bol. You can't beat the old favourites. Got enough left to last me a few days.

Day's caught up with me. Its been such a good day that I ought to be thankful but since there is no God, that would just be silly.