Day 28

Still troubled by yesterday's thoughts of death and non-existence, I went out and visited Elsbeth at her Oxfam charity shop. I offered my help and was put to sorting out donations at the back. Great piles of clothing and odds and ends, most of it in surprisingly good condition. People have too much if they can give this sort of stuff away.

We ate sandwiches together for lunch. Elsbeth I guess could see I was not in good form so it was a subdued affair. We parted after lunch as I had to buy some food, and anyhow needed time to think.

Its tugging at my soul, this issue of existence and non-existence. Why do I exist? Why do I care? The world is just material and has no business being aware of itself. Just causes trouble.

Harry has not been around lately. Slightly worried. I hope he's ok. Its nice having another living thing around. The absence of life and relationship makes for a very cold world.