Day 25

I felt much better today so decided to take walk in different direction and ended up on a grass hill with quite a decent view of the City. I sat there a long while on a park bench and munched on a jam sandwich. Some kids flying a kite nearby reminded me of that book "The Kite Runner" which came out as a film recently; a fabulous book about love, honour and forgiveness in the face of evil and adversity. There's something about suffering children that touches even the most hardened old soul.

Its been a reflective, grey sort of day, as if a cloud of great sadness has descended on me and coloured my mood. With old age comes too much time, opportunities to reflect, but unfortunately too few people to share those reflections with; particularly the younger generation who know it all and aren't interested in the ramblings of an old duffer.

In order to cheer myself up I decided to make a big pot of lentil stew with a nice chunk of Speck the butcher no longer wanted. It was my favourite dish as a child.

Unfortunately lentils give me serious wind, so its a good thing I live on my own.