Day 21

I love market day: colourful stalls and people, smells that delight, sounds of life everywhere, delicious goodies, and lots of cheap crap.

I bought some fresh fruit and veg, the apples all the way from New Zealand. I thought briefly about carbon footprints and eyed the overpriced Braeburns, but then went for the cheaper option. Environmentalism is a middle-class pastime – the rest of us can't afford it. Harry got some proper cat food. Five different meats in a can? The beast will be eating better than me.

The sun made a brief appearance so I sat on a bench and watched the world go by. A couple joggers in lycra, families laughing, couples in a world of their own, old timers walking dogs that looked their owners. Heh-heh, who are you calling “old timer”? I read a great definition of old age in Readers Digest. "Old age is when your morning face IS your face".

A good day.