Day 2

Raining again today. I love the rain, the way it drives against the window, especially when curled up in bed. Just need a good woman to share it with. Well, I had all that, but screwed it up, so no point thinking about it.

It was good to see Joe again after so long but its worrying how ill he is. He's lost a lot of weight and I'm sure I saw some blood on his handkerchief. But the old fool won't listen to reason - he hates doctors and hospitals. We managed a few rounds of poker and reminisced over old times. Joe and I go back a long way. I still remember vividly waiting with him outside the headmasters office for a caning after we accidentally burnt the bike shed down with our cigarette stubs. Joe as usual was prepared with his rabbit skin which stuck down his trousers. I still wince at the pain.

I need to stock up on some food today. There's only so many times you cut the mould off bread. Mustn't forget the wine.

The neighbour's cat is outside the window again, poor thing. Better let it in and give it some milk. I wonder if I should give it a name. Harry. Yes, that'll do. Fine name.