Day 18

Well I never.

I went on my usual walk today, and in a complete daze sat on a different park bench. Her park bench. Suddenly she was there, smiling at me. I smiled back furtively, mumbled something about the weather and a pressing engagement and hurried off.

She had a nice smile. The glow of an ember in a cold room.

There was a notice on the front door when I got back, an eviction notice. I tore it up and binned it with the rest.

Harry seems to be a permanent resident. I wonder if I should find him a collar. Mind you, that smacks of ownership, and our relationship is not like that. Harry comes and goes as he pleases. I like having him around as long as he doesn't pee on the bed.

I decided to wash the long overdue dishes but found I didn't have any detergent. Oh well.